SigmaNEST is a complete nesting solution that offers a wide range of customizable, modular features to help you get the most out of your shop floor setup.

Using SigmaNEST, you can import parts from any CAD system, automatically sort them into tasks by material and machine, optimize your material usage and machine motion, post programs to any cutting machine, and track the results from start to finish.

Because of its many capabilities, many shops will have different setups and start their processes from different points in the software. But regardless of your starting point, SigmaNEST is designed to provide a straightforward, efficient workflow that makes things easier on your programmers and operators, while also saving on time and material.

SigmaNEST can import parts from any 2D or 3D CAD system, integrate quotes and work orders from any MRP or ERP system, including SigmaMRP, and also integrates with our own suite of Shop Floor Products.

Inventory and quoting
From general inventory and remnants to reserved and consignment sheets, SigmaNEST offers the tools to easily manage and track every sheet in your inventory.

You can add stock sheets manually or import in bulk through a list. And when remnants are created within SigmaNEST, they are immediately tracked for size, weight, and future availability.

During nesting, you have full control over how parts will be oriented on the nest, or whether they can be nested within other parts.

SigmaNEST also has dedicated strategies for clamp, bevel, and multi-torch processes, and can automatically calculate which sheet size will give you the best yield.

Motion optimization

When programming your nest for your machine, SigmaNEST offers a variety of options to reduce pierces, save cutting time, and accurately cut your parts.

Additionally, you can save default settings for each machine so that programming becomes a fast, easy process regardless of machine type.

Machine management

SigmaNEST can optimize and post G-code for many types of machines. In addition, managing multiple machines within SigmaNEST is a seamless process.

Each machine has individual lookup tables which you can use to store values for leadins, bevels, and more. When posting code, you use machine groups to post code for multiple machines with a single click.

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