FieldView is the CFD Post-Processing and Visualization software you need to make better decisions quickly and with confidence. Our customers know they must deliver accurate results within ever tighter design cycles. Around the world, CFD engineers rely on FieldView every day in diverse industries such as AerospaceAutomotiveDefenseEnergy, Environmental and Turbomachinery.

CFD Engineers chose FieldView because it enables them to understand, communicate and automate their work.


  • See what is happening at realistic (real world) speeds with fast interactive animation.
  • Dig deeper with powerful yet easy to use feature extraction tools and predefined Q-criterion and λ2 functions.
  • Compare with Dataset Sampling and Dataset Differencing to get quantitative and qualitative differences.

WhyFieldView Understand


  • Bring CFD results to life with realistic images and animations that include environments, backgrounds, and materials.
  • Increase confidence within your organization and with customers.
  • Reveal important new information, make design decisions, avoid problems, and get to market faster.

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  • Reuse your work on new simulation results over and over.
  • Post-process in full batch with python or FieldView’s own scripting language (FVX).
  • Standardize repetitive tasks so any member of the team will get the same great results.
  • Perform standard tasks overnight to get the answers you need first thing in the morning.
  • Process many more cases than can be done by hand.
  • Archive your process with your images, plots, and animations.

WhyFieldView Automate

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FieldView FAQs

Also see our Technical Support FAQs.

I use open source software. Why should I use a commercial CFD post-processor?

  • Nothing in the industry, open source or commercial, is easier to use and yet handles the largest data with accuracy, automation, data management, and presentation capabilities.
  • Only FieldView CFD offers the best in the industry support. By email, by phone, or even for in-person training, our experts are available to help you find ways to get your job done more easily, efficiently, and with maximum results. We are committed to helping you succeed.

I have a centralized compute resource. What options do you provide for post-processing remote data?

FieldView provides many ways to work with remote data. The important thing for the user is to choose a strategy that eliminates or minimizes copying the data across the network. Copying data is unrecoverable wasted time that adds no value to a project. Among the choices:

  • Client-Server – Run FieldView in this mode and let FieldView send the data needed for your work. The local client provides the graphics and the user’s experience is normally equivalent to that of working locally. 
  • Remote Hardware Rendered Graphics mode – Use graphics resources on your remote system to generate all the images and send only the on-screen data to the local workstation. High performance with sufficient network bandwidth. 
  • Software Rendered Graphics mode – Render the images on your remote system even when no dedicated graphics resources are available. Software rendering produces exactly the same (pixel matched) images and is suitable for batch processing.

What are the advantages compared to the post-processor provided with my solver?

  • FieldView reduces costs and increases flexibility. And your investment in post-processing feeds directly back into post-processing product solutions for your future.
  • FieldView is easy to use and provides more capability than embedded post-processors.
  • FieldView is adept at dataset comparisons between multiple solvers and/or experimental data.
  • Large data, unsteady data, and data from multiple sources (solvers, experimental data, etc.) are easily handled in FieldView and both quantitative and qualitative analysis are straightforward and quicker to work with.
  • FieldView allows the more expensive solver license to be used to continue generating solutions.

What data formats do you support? Do you support the data from my solver?

  • FieldView reads many common CFD data formats including solver formats.
  • Many solvers also provide an export to FieldView’s (FV-UNS) file format.
  • A list of currently supported interfaces is available here and we are adding more all the time. If you do not see your format of choice listed, please contact us for more information.

Is FieldView a general-purpose visualization tool (structures, crash, other)?

  • No, FieldView is designed specifically to provide the most capable and efficient tool for CFD analysts. Of course, FieldView addresses the needs of CFD users performing analyses with mixed physics such as fluid-structure interaction (FSI), aeroacoustics, or electromagnetics.

How does FieldView compare to EnSight/Tecplot

  • FieldView makes life easy for CFD practitioners. From simple problems to complex, unsteady data, it is never difficult to apply FieldView to explore your data and find your answers. Because it is dedicated to CFD, FieldView addresses more of the specific needs of the CFD user and the user’s investments in supporting the application directly benefit their domain and are not applied to general purpose visualization.
  • FieldView is a true CFD workflow and data management tool. You must be able to keep up with the data you generate and no other software offers as much to help you turn mountains of data into actionable information.
  • For the largest and most complicated cases, FieldView is up to the task. For everything from reading data and post-processing to delivering the visual and numerical information you need, FieldView delivers the performance and efficient resource utilization to enable your success.
  • Only FieldView offers 100% backward compatibility. Your data, scripts, and automated workflows will always work with new versions of the software. You won’t have to re-run or re-write so your investments are protected and you can concentrate on developing new capabilities and answers.

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