SEE Electrical – Additional modules

SEE Electrical offers numerous modules to be adapted to your requirements

Cabinet Layout

3D Panel+

Schematic and 3D panel design integration.
Fast 3D placement of all equipment.
Automatic snap-to-rail feature.
Collision detection.
Consistency check with the schematic diagram.
Import/export support for DWG/DXF, IGES, STEP and STL.
Advanced wire routing features.
Optimal wire lengths calculated.
Manufacturing reports to support drilling plans and wire cut lists.
Direct output for CNC tools.

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Cabinet Thermal Calculation

– Allows for checking the heat properties of cabinets.

– Calculates the power dissipation of all equipment.
– Calculates the ventilation or cooling required to balance temperature increases.

Intelligent PDF

This module generates an “intelligent” PDF which allows navigation in a given project with the help of cross references.

It also generates an overview of the project tree and of the components.

Open Data

More efficient data exchange:

This new module “Open Data” helps supporting post processes by allowing the export of multiple database lists at one step.

Save data entry time:

Additionally this module helps to save time, changes can be made quicker in MS Excel because the content of important lists like document list, product list, terminal list, wire list, cable list, cable core list and PLC list can be re-imported to the SEE Electrical workspace it originated from.

This module can be essential in companies where the workflow requires updates to the project data to be handled without the use of the Electrical CAD system.

This new module can be used in combination with all levels of SEE Electrical.

Environment Manager

Companies using multiple licences of SEE Electrical have a challenge to keep all installations up to date especially if users often take their laptop to the field and because of this disconnect form local network. The «Environment Synchronizer» module allows the administrator to prepare files that changed on the server. As soon as a user returns to the company and connects to the intranet SEE Electrical is automatically updated at first start. No user action is necessary.


Provides a database driven translation tool allowing entire projects to be converted into different languages in a single click.
Texts can be translated individually and multiple languages can be displayed at once or switched from one to another.
Unicode compatibility ensures that characters for Cyrillic, Greek, Arabic, Chinese and more are easily supported.
The translation database is also available whilst entering text, allowing available phrases to be inserted by double-clicking

Auto generate / Auto diagramming

This module generates circuit diagrams from a Microsoft Excel sheet or Microsoft Access database. SEE Electrical circuit groups/macros form the basis for creation. If you need to frequently create common circuit diagrams in various configurations the «Autogen» module can provide significant time savings. The Excel file or Access database can be used by your sales team to prepare the offer and then automatically generate the circuit diagrams. It is available as an additional module for Standard and Advanced Level (IEC version only).


PDM Connect

Generic interface to PDM software.

SolidWorks PDM interface

The interface allows secure storing and indexing SEE Electrical documents in Solidworks Enterprise PDM® by Dassault Systèmes.

SEE Project Manager

IGE XAO offers several PDM tools for managing electrical projects. For more information, please visit “SEE Project Manager” in “Products” on the bottom right.

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Intelligent Drawing Legacy

This module is a very useful tool for maintenance services as well as any department managing paper or DXF/DWG plans.

The module offers three levels of functionalities:

Basic : Processing of scanned data

Multiple scanned pictures can be automatically loaded into different pages.

When new symbols are placed in the drawing, existing symbols are automatically covered with a white area.
Doing so, the time needed to make modifications on “paper drawings” can be clearly reduced. You can also integrate your “old” paper drawings in an archiving process. It is also possible to add some intelligence such as: table of content or electrical functions on the new inserted symbols.

Standard : Pattern recognition tool

Patterns (consisting of geometry and text) imported via DXF/DWG can be recognized and converted to symbols which match the SEE Electrical processes.

Once the pattern recognition has been run, automatic functions such as cross-referencing, contact management, part and terminal lists generation are available. The only thing to do is to define the assignment between the pattern and the SEE Electrical symbol.

You then have the possibility to translate a dummy DXF to an intelligent SEE Electrical document and benefit from all powerful functions such as, cross references, terminal lists…

Advanced : offers both the Basic and Standard level functionalities.

IEEE Circuit Diagrams

The IEEE Circuit Diagram module allows the generation of circuits and associated documentation compliant with the standards for the US, Canadian and corresponding markets.

This module can be essential in companies where the workflow requires updates to the project data to be handled without the use of the Electrical CAD system.

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