Thermal Design & CFD

We have 10+ years of experience in the following areas of Thermal Design and CFD in Electronics :

Thermal Design  : 

  • Product Design (Mechanical, Embedded, and Electronics design)
  • TOTAL Thermal Management of Electronics
    • Design / analysis & supply of Heat sinks, DC Fans, heat pipes, TECs
    • Thermal (CFD) analysis of electronics
    • Test & measurement (sensors, anemometers, wind tunnels)
    • Fabrication of prototypes, conventional & CNC machining




Electronics Cooling (CFD) :

Military : 

Different types of Modules and Chassis :

  • Forced Air Cooled
  • Conduction cooled
  • Liquid Cooled (exploratory studies)


  • BTS
  • ATCA
  • Inverter (power backup)


Capabilities : 

Thermal Simulation : 

  • Estimate junction/case Temperature and comment on thermal safety of the devices
  • Determination of fan operating point
  • Visualization of flow field – dead zones, heat sink bypass, etc

Optimization : 

  • Heat sink – selection / custom design
  • Selection of fans
  • Selection and design air filters / vents etc

Mechanical Design of Card modules and Chassis

  • ANSI/VITA standards – for military applications
  • NEBS, NEMA and Euro standards – for telecom applications


Electronics Cooling :

  • Intelligent fan tray
  • CPU fan coolers
  • DC brushless Fans & blowers
  • Heat sinks (Al, Cu, extrusions, pin fins, heat pipes, vapor chamber or custom)
  • Heat pipes
  • Liquid cooling
  • TECs & TEGs
  • Test & measurement
  • PCB fab, MC PCBs, Flex PCBs


Fabrication Support :

  • Thermal management products
    Heat sinks (Al, Cu, extrusions, pin fins, heat pipes, vapor chamber or any other custom requirement), heat sink mounting hardware.
  • Design and manufacturing of sheet metal and machined enclosures and other customized parts.
  • Multi-layer PCB fab: Upto 16 layers and Flex PCBs.
  • Metal Core PCBs for high density power conversion, motor control, flat panel displays, lighting, automotive and solar applications.
  • Plastic injection molding & die casting.
  • CNC Turing, Pressing and Radial Drilling



Major Industries Verticals Supported :

  • Automotive
  • Government (Defence, Derospace, Nuclear)
  • Telecom, computer, medical electronics, white goods
  • Engineering



Methodology/Process Followed :

  • Inputs from customer / datasheets : Such as ambient conditions, power dissipation, board details (number of layers, thermal vias etc), device part numbers/ datasheets, material specification etc.
  • Processing IDF files – Board layout and devices are modeled by importing and cleaning the IDF files.
  • Modeling chassis / enclosures / covers
  • If 3D CAD is available, the data is converted into formats/shapes that are usable in the analysis tool.
  • Else, the model is constructed based on the specifications.
  • Compact thermal models – DELPHI, 2R models that are available from the device vendor are incorporated in the board
  • Improves the accuracy of junction temperature prediction.
  • Information from datasheets can be also used to construct these network models.
  • Meshing – number of cells and the sizing is decided based on the thermal / flow requirements.
  • Mesh in-dependency checks are carried out to arrive optimum mesh density.
  • Application of boundary conditions and numerical simulation of the model.
  • Physics based selection of boundary conditions and numerical models
  • Simulation results are verified by appropriate hand calculations.
  • Result review, documentation and recommendation of design improvements
  • Results are thoroughly analyzed to understand thermal bottlenecks, flow distribution etc.
  • Contour / vector plots, quantitative data (temperature, flow rate etc) are documented
  • Design improvements are suggested based on these observations
  • Based on customer comments, the design changes implemented and optimization is carried out till the specifications are met.


Partial List of our customers  : Thermal Design & Electronics CFD :

  • Automotive : Robert Bosch, Delphi, Visteon
  • Electronics : Juniper Networks, EATON, CISCO, O/E/N, Amararaja Power, Aricent Group, Tejas Networks, Rancore Technologies
  • Engineering : Infosys, HP, HCL, WIPRO, TCS, Lukup, Mindteck, Mistral, ProcSys, CoreEL, Aricent, CSG, Data Patterns, Honeywell, Reliance Info





Tool Experience :

  • FEA – Ansys, Midas NFX
  • CFD – FloTHERM, Icepak, Fluent, Answer

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